Numerous OPEC+ ministers have bemoaned oil prices volatility in recent weeks. Standard Chartered: when OPEC+ says volatility, what they really mean is ‘falling crude prices’ StanChart sees oil’s fundamentals as “far weaker in Q2 and Q3 than they were in Q1, and that, not fake news, has been the key driver of prices.”. Numerous OPEC+ ministers have closed ranks over the last week to bemoan oil price volatility . Accusations of misleading weakening demand figures and the disconnect between the physical and paper markets are really code for one thing, according to a Standard Chartered report: they want higher prices. Libya’s oil minister Mohamed Oun, for example, has blamed what he calls “heightened volatility” on “misleading news and stories about global oil demand and supplies,” all of which “have sent wrong signals to all market participants.” But as StanChart pointed out, when some OPEC+ ministers say “volatility”, what they […]