Things may appear better in China than they are, at least as far as the country’s metals and minerals markets are concerned. However, China still remains the go-to destination for European steel and aluminum supply. Energy-sensitive European factories and aluminum smelters remain stranded due to the ongoing Russian-Ukrainian war. Western Europe’s gas and electricity supplies are suffering the brunt of the economic retaliation thus far. Restrictions and supply problems have already led to several price hikes, increasing doubts about supply sustainability in the near future. Some smelters are actively talking about stopping production altogether. Incidentally, Russia’s Rusal, the world’s largest aluminum producer outside of China accounts for 6% of the global output. To add to the problem, China, one of the largest consumers of steel, coke, and aluminum in the world has cut down on imports, including aluminum. Aluminum Supply in China Still in Contrast to Europe Continuing with […]