Auto makers racing to turn out electric vehicles have generated long wait lists. Now they must try not to disappoint customers like Louie Figueroa. Mr. Figueroa put down a $100 refundable deposit on an F-150 Lightning soon after Ford Motor Co. F -1.14%▼ unveiled the electric pickup in May 2021, eager to use it for his construction job. But there is a long backlog, and it isn’t clear when he’ll be able to actually order one. “Now I’m thinking, ‘Can I afford to keep waiting for this?’ ” said Mr. Figueroa, who lives near San Bernardino, Calif. A few years ago, auto executives weren’t sure there would be enough buyers for plug-in electric models. Now, they worry they can’t build them fast enough, while they intensify a multibillion-dollar rush to accelerate timelines and bring factories online. EVs account for only about 6% of overall U.S. vehicle sales. But that […]