In July, Germany reported a 45.8% reduction in imports from Russia compared to a year ago, but the value of those imports had increased by over 10%. This increase in cost was due largely to higher energy prices, with the value of crude oil, natural gas, petroleum products, and coal all climbing. The UK, by comparison, has managed to cut its imports from Russia to zero, although it was always less dependent than Germany on Russian energy. The value of Germany‚Äôs imports from Russia jumped by 10.2% to $2.94 billion (2.9 billion euros) in July, compared to the same month a year ago, mostly as a result of soaring oil and gas prices, the German Federal Statistical Office said on Monday. In terms of volume, however, German imports from Russia slumped by 45.8% in July compared to a year earlier, the statistics office noted. The value of crude oil […]