Libya’s oil production rose by 3,000 barrels per day (bpd) to 1.186 million bpd on Thursday, according to the National Oil Corporation (NOC), as the African OPEC member exempted from the OPEC+ deal has seen a recovery in output over the past month. Higher supply from Libya could ease upward pressures on oil prices, which have been falling in recent weeks amid fears of recession as central banks continue with aggressive interest rate hikes to curb inflation. Still, Libya continues to be a wild card on the oil market, despite the stabilization of its oil production over the past month. Since the end of August, Libya has been pumping close to or even above 1.2 million bpd , a level last seen before the port blockades that began this spring. Libya’s oil production has recovered in recent weeks after the country resumed oil exports in July. The first tankers […]