Russia is losing its gas war against Europe, according to Standard Chartered analysts. Russia is losing its gas war against Europe. That’s what Standard Chartered analysts think, according to a new report from the company, which was sent to Rigzone this week. “The EU gas market appears well-supplied after six months of reduced demand and increased imports,” the analysts stated in the report, adding that “prices reflect an improving outlook”. “Dutch Title Transfer Facility (TTF) gas fell below EUR 170/MWh in early trading on 20 September, less than half its 26 August intra-day peak,” the analysts continued. In the report, the analysts noted that EU gas demand for the six months commencing October 1 is usually about 70 percent higher than the previous six months, “with the January peak usually more than double the previous summer’s low”. “A stronger-than-usual seasonal inventory build has left the market much better prepared […]