After years of planning, Iran is moving to increase production at Phase 11 of South Pars. The first phase involves the drilling of 30 wells plus the fabrication and erection of two production platforms, each containing 15 wells. Following the start of the Ukraine war, China made way for Russia to enter Phase 11 of South Pars. Along with the (recently achieved) completion of the crucial Goreh-Jask pipeline oil export route , the (ongoing) ramping up of production from its hugely oil-rich West Karoun cluster of oil fields to at least 1 million barrels per day (bpd) within the next two years, and the (continuing) building out of its value-added petrochemicals production to at least 100 million metric tons per year by 2022, optimising gas production from its supergiant South Pars gas field is a top priority for Iran. In the current global gas market, characterised by questions over […]