Russian President Vladimir Putin confirmed Wednesday while addressing the Eastern Economic Forum (EEF) in Vladivostok that he will soon meet with Chinese President Xi Jinping, which will mark a significant first bilateral summit since Russia launched the Ukraine invasion on Feb.24. Putin told the forum in Russia’s far east, ” I hope to see Xi Jinping in Uzbekistan soon.” As we described earlier , the Chinese delegation was the largest in attendance for the annual economic meeting. Kremlin officials also confirmed to the Associated Press that “Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping to meet next week at summit in Uzbekistan.” The two large nuclear-armed nations also just wrapped up a week of joint war games, among multiple other nations represented, at Vostok 2022 in the same far eastern region of Russia. CNN notes that “On Wednesday, China’s number three leader Li Zhanshu, a member of the Chinese Communist Party’s […]