Electrify America recently unveiled its first application of a megawatt-level battery energy storage system (BESS) for electric vehicle (EV) charging stations, building upon the company’s existing BESS installations at more than 150 stations across the US, including more than 100 installations in California. The megawatt-level energy storage system combined with a solar canopy goes a step further than Electrify America’s existing BESS in managing energy costs and reducing stress on the grid by acting as a buffer to supplement power to charging stations when local utilities limit the amount of power a station can draw from the grid. This application leverages energy storage and solar as a ‘non-wires alternative’ in lieu of relying on additional utility ‘wired’ infrastructure (i.e. power lines) that may not be feasible. Such innovative approaches become critical to expand EV charging into more remote areas to reach more consumers where utilities may not be able […]