Europe is quickly establishing itself as a leader in the green hydrogen race. The European Commission has approved another $5.2 billion in public funding for green hydrogen projects. The new investment would contribute to the EC target of an 80 GW renewable hydrogen electrolyser capacity in Europe by 2030. Europe‚Äôs already highly competitive green hydrogen industry just got another boost thanks to new E.U. funding. The region has been making a name for itself by establishing several major green hydrogen plants and developing the market for the renewable energy source as other regions battle to get green hydrogen projects off the ground. Improved policies for green hydrogen production are expected to support sectoral development even further, although the International Energy Agency (IEA) remains sceptical over ambitious E.U. 2030 targets. This month, the European Commission (EC) approved $5.2 billion in public funding for hydrogen projects across the region. This investment […]