Europe’s geothermal market is set to receive a major b oost in the coming years. Countries across the region are racing to ramp up geothermal heating capacity. The region is expected to invest as much as $7.4 billion on geothermal capacity by 2030. The European geothermal heating market, at one time dominated by only a handful of countries, is set to experience a purple patch in the coming years as governments scramble to find an affordable alternative to expensive gas-fired heating, Rystad Energy research shows. Total installed capacity is projected to surpass 6.2 gigawatt thermal (GWt) in 2030, a 58% increase from today’s total of 3.9 GWt, developments that are expected to cost an estimated $7.4 billion*. A renewable, reliable source of heating, geothermal technology has been around for decades, but its heyday may be just around the corner. Due to its high development costs versus other energy sources […]