Grain on board the Osprey S anchored in the Marmara Sea, Turkey, following the safe-corridor deal. The Osprey S left the Ukrainian port of Chornomorsk on August 16 carrying 11,500 tons of grain destined for Turkey. For several months now, Amur 2501, a small Russian cargo ship with a prominent white bridge section and a long barge-like body, has been making curious runs in the Black Sea. It collects grains not just from the Russian port of Azov but also from Sevastopol in sanctions-hit Crimea — a harbor from where Ukraine says almost all departing commodities are stolen from its occupied territories by Kremlin troops. At several points during its trips, Amur 2501 goes dark, with its tracking system not transmitting its location. It then appears to participate in multi-ship transfers of cargo in the open seas off the Russian port of Kavkaz with large vessels that then proceed […]