GROUP General Manager, GGM, National Petroleum Investment Management Services, NAPIMS, Bala Wunti, has said there is close collaboration among oil bunkerers, security officials, communities, and others in breaching the nation’s crude oil pipeline to steal crude oil. Speaking to reporters after the evaluation of the recent illegal connections on the trans-Escravos pipeline in Delta state, he said: “We discover there is a noteworthy collaboration between the players; between the communities; between the security agencies; and between everybody in the space. “What I can tell you is that they have discovered a meaningful number of illegal connections; what you saw are the recent discoveries made by Tantita Security Services Limited, and you just heard the theory they are working on. Illegal connections on the Trans -Escravos pipeline connected to a test line that ought not to have carried crude. “The theory is that the test line is delivering crude back […]