Jamie Dimon: Biden administration has basically messed up the country’s—and the world’s—energy security. Chevron’s Michael Wirth has openly accused Western governments of causing the energy crunch because of their preoccupation with the transition to renewables. Dimon: if the world produced more oil and gas, we wouldn’t have to use so much coal and produce so many emissions. Until recently, the idea of a Fortune 500 company boss criticizing the energy transition would have been considered eccentric, to put it mildly. Now, two Fortune 500 bosses have slammed the transition inside a single week. JP Morgan’s Jamie Dimon was first. On Monday, he told CNBC in an interview that the Biden administration had basically messed up the country’s—and the world’s—energy security by doubling down on the energy transition instead of motivating growth in oil production. Calling the current energy crunch “predictable,” Dimon said that “In my view, America should have […]