The OPEC Monthly Oil Market Report (MOMR) for October 2022 was published recently. The last month reported in most of the OPEC charts that follow is September 2022 and output reported for OPEC nations is crude oil output in thousands of barrels per day (kb/d). In most of the OPEC charts that follow the blue line is monthly output and the red line is the centered twelve month average (CTMA) output. Note however there are a few exceptions to this for OPEC+ charts near the end of the post where EIA C+C data was used which has the most recent data from June 2022 (so three months behind the OPEC crude only data in most of the charts that follow.) Figure 1 Figure 2 OPEC crude output was revised lower in August 2022 by 30 kb/d compared to last month’s report and July 2022 OPEC crude output also revised […]