In an open-access report in the journal Environmental Pollution , researchers from UCLA and the University of Chicago estimate that California’s wildfire carbon dioxide equivalent (CO 2 e) emissions from 2020 (~127 mmt CO 2 e ) are approximately two times higher than California’s total greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reductions since 2003. Without considering future vegetation regrowth, CO 2 e emissions from the 2020 wildfires could be the second most important source in the state above either industry or electrical power generation. Annual emissions from individual sectors and wildfire emissions. CARB, GFAS, and GFED wildfire emissions shown as red lines (not considering vegetation regrowth). Jerrett et al. The carbon dioxide from wildfires is not counted against California’s emissions targets. But if it were, the wildfires would be setting California back in meeting its climate goals, with the carbon emissions from California’s 2020 fire season alone making up 49% of […]