The West’s race to reduce reliance on Chinese rare earths is facing headwinds. Europe’s ongoing energy crisis has forced smelters and producers to shut down. Ionic Rare Earths has just inked a deal with the UN to join the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative. The Rare Earths MMI (Monthly MetalMiner Index) fell an additional 4.04% between September and October, less than half the decline seen the previous months. However, it does indicate that rare earth producers are still under pressure. Rare Earth Supplies Rush in West Hindered by Energy Crisis The West’s race to curb reliance on Chinese rare earth metals continues to hit energy-related snags. Europe’s power woes only seem to be getting worse as Russian troops retreat from Ukraine and Putin doubles down on gas restrictions. Not only do European citizens stand to suffer, but multiple smelters and metal producers have had to shutter their doors. To […]