Without the unprofitable and unconventional shale oil supply, U.S. oil production would still be below 5 million barrels per day. While we can applaud the shale industry for allowing the American Leech & Spend Suburban Economy to continue for another decade, I wouldn’t count on it lasting another ten years. If we are lucky, we may get another 1-2 years before the entire U.S. Shale Oil Ponzi Scheme comes crashing down. In my recent video, The Coming Exponential Silver Price Movement , many comments were suggesting the entire “Peak Oil Theory” was complete BOLLOCKS. Unfortunately for the Alt-Media Community, several individuals have done a great deal of damage by spreading information suggesting the entire Peak Oil Movement is just another “Elite Conspiracy” to destroy the little man. One such individual was Lindsey Williams. Williams wrote a book titled The Energy Non-Crisis . If you are in desperate need of […]