Nuclear energy has long been touted as a promising form of energy production for a decarbonizing global economy. Nuclear power is efficient, it’s established, and it has zero carbon emissions. Indeed, some countries, most notably China , have included nuclear energy as a major part of their national plan for decreasing their carbon footprint. For all of nuclear energy’s benefits, however, nuclear energy production also has some serious drawbacks. While nuclear meltdown is extremely rare, its horrific consequences loom large in the public imagination. High-profile tragedies like the disasters at Chernobyl, Fukushima, and Three-Mile Island have made nuclear a tough sell for those of us who, understandably, do not want a nuclear power plant in our backyard. We’ve all seen the Simpsons, and we prefer our fish with just two eyes, thanks. It’s true that nuclear disasters are exceedingly uncommon, and nuclear is much safer than the average person […]