Tesla China, which is set to design a new compact $25,000 Tesla in Shanghai, will eventually sell the model worldwide, Teslarati reported on Tuesday, citing a recent interview of Tesla China’s President Tom Zhu with Chinese state-affiliated media outlet Xinhua Net. According to the executive, Tesla China’s new compact and cheaper electric vehicle will be designed at the Shanghai factory’s research and development (R&D) center, which is already under construction. “This R&D center is also the first Tesla R&D center outside the United States. The research and development center has all necessary disciplines, covering vehicle design, vehicle engineering, vehicle development, and vehicle testing,” Zhu told Xinhua Net. Tesla China’s ultimate goal is to design and manufacture an original vehicle in China and to sell it outside China as well. “We will provide very good conditions to facilitate our R&D Engineers working towards our ultimate goal. The ultimate goal has […]